La compañía Nu Skin

Nu SkinNu Skin Enterprises is a direct selling company involved in the person-to-person distribution and sale of premium quality personal care products, nutritional supplements and internet-based products and services.
Nu Skin Enterprises is based on three premium quality brands: Nu Skin, Pharmanex,

Nu Skin
The Nu Skin range comprises more than 100 products including face and body care, hair care, oral care and cosmetics.
‘All of the good and none of the bad ‘ was Blake Roney’s ambition when he started the company in 1984.
The result is that the remarkable Nu Skin personal care range includes some of the most scientifically advanced personal care products in the world.

Nu Skin improves the way people look and feel thanks to its «beneficial ingredients only» policy. With more than 100 million orders shipped and 250 million products sold, there is good reason to believe the products work and the demand is significant.

The Pharmanex range includes a comprehensive multivitamin/mineral supplement line, standardised herbal and general nutrition products, plus weight management, botanicals and sports nutrition specialities.
Pharmanex nutritional supplements combine the best of science and nature.
Pharmanex uses the latest pharmaceutical science techniques to bring out the best in natural products, providing dietary and botanical supplements of proven safety and efficacy. Since its beginnings, Pharmanex literally has set new industry standards for quality and scientific integrity.
Today more than 50 staff scientists lead the Pharmanex research and development team. This group works closely with over 150 scientists from around the world, representing institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Columbia, Tufts, Purdue, Beijing Medical University, Shanghai Medical University, and Peking University.
By applying pharmaceutical science techniques to nature’s remedies, Pharmanex scientists have successfully identified the key active ingredients of many herbal substances known to be effective in supporting and sustaining good health.
Pharmanex extracts and refines these active ingredients, then delivers the desired benefits in a variety of products.