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ageLOC VitalityWhat would you be doing if you had unlimited energy? Would you go to play with kids after 3 presentations a day? Would you maximise every moment of your most intimate relationship? Nu Skin™ Enterprise, one of the global leaders in the nutritional and personal care, announced starting Phase One of anti-aging from inside with their product ageLOC® Vitality.

20th August, 2010 7pm Dublin time, Nu Skin was broadcasting pre-lunch premiere of ageLOC Vitality via Internet to 38 countries around the globe.

At the beginning of presentation Joseph Y. Chang, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President said:

“Nu Skin is committed to innovation, we don’t imitate.
The research completed by Nu Skin scientists together with exclusive access to over 30 years of research in genetics and aging done by our live gene partners gives us unique and unbeatable approach to aging. We are much ahead of everybody else in this competition.
In my view and based on my own 30 years of drug and supplement product experience ageLOC is the biggest scientific break through I ever seen.”

So what is aging? Two most common complaints about aging are:

  • Looking Older
  • Feeling Older

As you are aware that Nu Skin with ageLOC skin care products have made great strides with the problem of looking older. This year Nu Skin will get closer to solve issue of “Feeling Older”.

A Global Consumer Need*:
85% of consumers are concerned about their energy and stamina levels
40% decline in ability to concentrate, from age 30 to 60
• As we age, sexual desire declines ~66% in women and  ~37% in men

Loss of vitality is one of the first signs of “feeling older” that people notice.

What Is Vitality? Three Dimensions:
1. Physical (endurance, stamina, resistance to fatigue)
2. Mental (cognition, clarity, focus, memory, alertness)
3. Sexual (desire, libido)

As we age, our bodies’ ability to effectively generate and utilize energy declines, which may rob us of youthful vitality.

MitochondriaInside each of our cells, and throughout our body there are tiny “cellular power plants” called mitochondria. They produce cellular energy, the chemical energy of life. Mitochondria are the key source of youthful vitality.

• Mitochondria are the cellular power plants that convert energy from food (Kcals) into a form of energy our cells can use—ATP
• ATP fuels all biological functions
• With age, number and efficiency of mitochondria decline dramatically
• Functional changes in the mitochondria have been tied to age-related vitality loss

There are three key tissues associated with vitality (Brain, Heart, Muscle). They have a lot of mitochondria.

Together with research partners, Nu Skin discovered that as we age, the activity patterns of YGCs that govern our mitochondria shift, contributing to a loss of vitality.

From the 372 mitochondria-related genes Nu Skin scientists identified those that changed with age, they affected 52 of these genes as the Mitochondrial Youth Gene Cluster (mtYGC). This represents key genes tied to mitochondrial aging.

ageLOC Vitality targets the sources of age-related vitality loss. Remember the natural energy you had ten years ago? Wouldn’t you like to feel that way again?

ageLOC vitalityageLOC Vitality Promotes Three Dimensions of Vitality:**

Physical Vigour
Mental Acuity
Sexual Desire

Reset, Revive, Renew  with ageLOC Vitality!

Key Takeaways

• ageLOC science can identify the ultimate sources of age-related vitality loss
• ageLOC can target the Youth Gene Cluster related to mitochondrial function, the key driver of youthful vitality
• ageLOC can reset this Youth Gene Cluster to promote youthful vitality

Nu Skin announced starting of  Phase Two of anti-aging from inside in 2011…
Two mice born on the same day, both given an optimal diet, one including ageLOC Vitality:

*Data monitor: Global Consumer Fatigue Report. April 2009

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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