Nu Skin Tops Latest «Most Trustworthy Companies» Listing

Forbes Nu SkinThese are the American businesses that have the most transparent and conservative accounting practices and most prudent management.

Nu Skin continues to garner attention from and today secured a top spotin’s just-published listing of “Most Trustworthy Companies,” highlighting Nu Skin’s consistently high level of ethical business practices.

The listing is based on Audit Integrity’s analysis of more than 100 factors that help it assess the true quality of corporate accounting and management practices.

Fewer than 5 percent of public companies make Audit Integrity’s Most Trustworthy Companies list.

Nu Skin has been included on the list for all five years that it has been published and is the only direct selling company on this list of Most Trustworthy Companies.

This recognition is in addition to’s listing in April of its “100 Most TrustworthyCompanies”. In that listing, Nu Skin was listed 5th in the mid-cap company section and received an accounting and governance risk (AGR) score of 96/100.

To view the most recent listing, go to

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