Nu Skin Healthy Hair Tips

HairIf you are starting to lose your hair or your hair looks unhealthy what steps can you take to prevent it?

1. Healthy lifestyle:
a. Quit smoking. Each cigarette releases 10 quadrillion free radicals into the lungs, which are damage our skin.
A healthy scalp promotes healthy hair.
b. At a healthier diet. Get more green vegetables and fruits into your diet. Drink plenty of water.
c. Take fish oil capsules. Omega-3 fatty acids will help keep your hair healthy. (We recommend MarineOmega)

2. Get a trim
Most stylists recommend a trim every six weeks. A regular trim will help prevent or get rid of split ends.

nutriol3. Use a good shampoo
Avoid 2-in-1 shampoos. Shampooing daily isn’t necessary; in fact, it’s not even recommended.
The detergents in most shampoos on the market will strip your hair of both colour and moisture.
It’s a good idea to look for a sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) -free shampoo.
It’s been proven that SLS is greatly drying, and can also be very irritating. (We recommend Nutriol Shampoo)

4. Use a conditioner
Find a conditioner that’s specifically tailored for your hair type. (We recommend Nu Skin Rich Conditioner)

5. Use the right tools
Do not use a brush on wet hair, because this is when hair is most vulnerable.
Use a wide-toothed comb instead, and gently work out any tangles.
Once hair is dry, a boar-bristle brush is best — this kind of brush smooths out the cuticle and helps distribute your hair’s natural oils from your scalp to your ends, giving you shine.

Nutriol6. Using essential oils or hair treatments
Consider using essential oils or hair treatments to massage into your scalp and also using them as stimulants for hair growth and healthier looks.

We are recommending Nutriol® Hair Fitness Treatment, which is work synergistically with The Galvanic Spa® II Instrument and Scalp Conductor to protect the future of your hair. Featuring Tricalgoxyl — a clinically proven seaweed derivative developed by a European laboratory, Nutriol is formulated to remineralize the scalp and hydrate the hair — helping your hair look and feel more abundant.


  • Promotes healthy, abundant hair.
  • Revitalizes and strengthens hair.
  • Increases the availability of key nutrients and vitamins to the hair follicle.
  • Remineralizes and hydrates hair, improving volume and shine.
  • Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested. Key Ingredient Tricalgoxyl®, rich in kelp sulphated oligosacc

Using the Galvanic Spa Instrument and Scalp Treatment Conductor with Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment accelerates the initial onset of benefits by facilitating the transport of key ingredients.
Compatible galvanic currents and product formulation polarities enable this facilitation. For detailed instructions on how to use these products together, see the Product Information Page and Treatment Instruction Card below.

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