“Keep Your Age A Mystery” — Photo Gallery

As you already know Nu Skin Enterprises announced the launch of a global search for those Nu Skin distributors and customers who defy their age and embody the Nu Skin spirit of ‘living young.’ The company has partnered with the New York-based agency Don Jagoda Associates (DJA) to execute its ‘Keep Your Age a Mystery’ photo challenge that will span nearly 50 countries.

As part of the contest, Nu Skin distributors and customers can enter the “Keep Your Age a Mystery” photo challenge at the contest website. The site also features interactive games and highlights other international winners.

Contest winners will be selected based on their youthful appearance relevant to their actual age, among other criteria outlined in the contest’s official rules. In addition, weekly winners will be selected and made eligible for many prizes including luxury vacations and cruises, as well as celebrity-style photo shoots.

Congratulations to July’s contest winners!

July’s contest winners 1刘夏玲子 25 & 瑞玲 50
Age Difference 25

July’s contest winners 2Shaniece 17 & Gabriele 42
Age Difference 25

July’s contest winners 3Amy 50 & Gabriel 18
Age Difference 32

July’s contest winners 4yayoi 54 & えり花 20
Age Difference 34

July’s contest winners 5Sara 19 & Joanne 47
Age Difference 28

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